University Students

Who: University Students
Their Industry: Education
Their Audience: University Faculty / Professor’s
Their Challenge: Artwork, finish & quick turnaround.

Our Solution: Consultation & quick turnaround.

University submissions are a rushed timings for students and luckily for us as we assist them in printing their final dissertation & thesis.

It’s been quite an opportunity for us to work with students on their unique content. Every project is individualistic & refreshing. While a few prefer being minimalist there are others who come up with the most creative ideas and can’t take ‘no’ for an answer..But that’s fun. They push us out of our comfort zone and all thanks to them, we have become specialists in printing thesis & dissertation.

Attending an average of 25 -30 students with variable projects at one time can get disorderly & confusing.

So here’s what we’ve learnt from our experience & we are happy to share these lessons with the coming students.

Since students are not familiar with print and making of the print ready file. Printery Customer service / Graphic Designer sit and explain how to set up the file to print which involves explaining to them about high resolution images, Raster / Vector graphics. From choosing the optimal size, difference between bleed & crop marks, how to keep the spread images and last but not the least how to export the file as hi-res PDF. That’s lesson 1.

Lesson 2 – Students have their specific style & they want to select and try different kinds of paper which is plain / textured / recycled…. See the color reproduction on the selected paper…. Have section dividers or separators. How they can play around with the thickness of the colored stock within the book so on & so forth. Next we help them with exploring possibilities till they are satisfied.

Fortunately at Printer we have an option for printing White / Clear / Gold & Silver that keeps the cost low compared to foiling and produces amazing results to enhance the value of their project.

Lesson 3 – Binding plays an most important part in the overall look. Recently due to a pressed timeline for section sewing, we explored a conventional method of binding which is called loop stitch (if the pages are less than 48) and it did look nice & did the job it was meant to do.

Result – Timely submission & happy students.

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