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Brochures and catalogues are an amalgamation of words, numbers, and visuals. With our brochure printing services, Printery provides innovative and top-quality brochure, catalogue, leaflet, and pamphlet printing to nail your marketing efforts. Having an attractive professional brochure enables you to not only get your portfolio across to the client but also convince them of its value. We work closely with you to ensure your brochures, leaflets, and catalogues appear informative and attractive.

As one of the expert custom brochure printing companies in Dubai, Printery looks forward to implementing novel ideas. Our concepts are impactful and hold the viewer’s attention. Be it a simple design or a complex one; we strive to make it look convincing and engaging.


Flyers can be the most cost-effective strategy to get your word out in a dash. However, to maintain the trending topic, they need to be printed out in a smaller time frame and need to hold attention.

Our operational team ensures that the flyers are printed within a quick turnaround time on our high-quality digital printer so that your message hits fast and hard. Utilise digital flyer printing to your advantage with a wide variety of substrates.

Brochures & Flyers


It is important to focus on the page setup at the designing stage of your promotional brochures and flyers. Select the page size correctly before you start your design, (e.g.: A4 / A5 / A3, and so on) to avoid any inconsistency in margins.

Keep the final product in mind when you are making a choice.

You can select the right folding or binding method depending on the number of pages. E.g., a 4-page brochure can be a bi-fold, and likewise, a 6-page one can be trifold. If your document has a page count of 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24, you can opt for saddle stitch binding.

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