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If you are in the fashion, lifestyle or the interior design industry then precision, colours, look & feel  matters a great deal to you.  We understand having your work displayed on high-quality paper, and with the correct colour reproduction is crucial for it to have its desired impact.

From recommending a PU leather, fabric or a special paper stock for the cover to suggesting best embellishment of emboss, deboss or foiling your name & logo, we help you make your portfolio a unique representation of your work.

Helpful tips to remember for book printing:

–   When using a fabric cover, avoid gloss foiling

–   For images showing details, prefer coated matt finish paper

–   Check pagination for spread images.

–   For more information call Printery.



Frequently Asked Questions

Section sewing is a traditional method of binding in sections. The sections are folded section sewn and then put together to make a book.

Advantage of section sewing is you can open the book layflat and durable.

Mostly used when there are more  number of pages eg: 80+

K binding is used when you want to open the book layflat 180degree.

You should keep a margin of 5mm on all sides,

In books for inside margin should be 8mm. And for the rest it should be 5mm.


The side where you bind the book is called the inside margin.

And the opposite side  is the outside margin.

One thing to note is that the inside margin should be bigger than the outside to avoid text or matter hidden in the binding

Bleed is the extra area of color or image beyond the crop/trim marks to ensure to get the color or image  till the edge.

Bleed should be 5mm

To get the best output the image resolution should be 300dpi.

It depends on the number of pages of the book.

Number of pages more less the gsm for inside pages.

Number of pages less you can go for a bit higher gm for inner pages.

However, for a smooth turning of pages you should consider 100gsm to 150gsm stock.

If the book contains 150+ sheets its better to go with uncoated stock, since the bulkness of the paper is light It will keep the book light weight after binding.

We have different options for cover

A basic one is soft cover (350gsm ) which is very commonly used for story books / novel / fiction / non fiction books.

Next level you have an option of hard case / board books … which is used for coffetable books  / dissertation / children books.

Premium / Luxury option is to go with PU leather cover for the book.
which is used for coffee table books.

For all these covers you can add on extra  embellishments of foiling / emboss & deboss to make it for ultra premium & luxury books.

As minimum as 1. However, for extra finish like section sewing / foiling /  emboss & deboss more the number better the costing.

For additional information, explore More FAQs to find answers to common queries.

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