Video Brochure

Video in print is creativity meets innovation and technology. It brings to life your brochures, presentations, promotional collateral and more. With a standard memory of 128 MB, you can upload multiple files in your video in print as needed. It can be recharged using a USB 2 Cable and lasts up to two hours. You can play, pause, resume, stop the video and adjust the volume as per your requirement. The bespoke boxes are embedded with video screens of varying sizes: 2.8, 4.3, 7 and 10 inches. The size of the screen and its print run determine the price of a video in print piece.

Video Brochure

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It takes 2/3weeks also depending on the quantity & availability of the
video cards.

No, we don’t & supply only the video cards.

Yes, Video cards are available in 2.4 inch / 4.5 / 7 & 10 inch screen.
For further info please contact.

Start form 1 upwards.

The size can vary depending on capacity of the disk. It can go upto 1GB.

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