Direct Mailers

Engage existing and potential customers with powerful and compelling direct mailers.

In today’s hyper-digitised world, direct mailers have become an important medium of communication to capture the receiver’s attention. They were once a simple printed & creased product, to today evolve into a dimensional print with pop-ups, VR cut-outs, interactive magazines, etc.

Flex your Creativity with Bespoke Direct Mailer Printing

From personalised leaflets to pop-up cubes, sliders tocut-outs, experimental folds to unusual shapes, and plenty of exclusive finishes, we offer endless creative possibilities with our direct mailer printing services. Some of our best work has been on Direct Mailers, and we do it with a single goal in sight,i.e.,to help you get your share of audience memory space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalised Mailers, as the name suggests, have names, numbers, or unique codes of the intended audience. Our dedicated software for variable data printing & personalisation populates data as many as you like.

Any print material (such as a direct mailer) having a three-dimensional or interactive component is termed a dimensional print. For example, a pop-up card.

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