We work with just one aim – “To truly make a difference to our clients”.

Printery, founded in 2014, is a creative print production house, strategically located in the heart of one of the busiest financial hubs – Central Park Towers, at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

20 years of passionate printing experience and systematic investments in the latest print, and production technology over the years – these two factors brought us to a stage where we serve our customers to transform their ideas into prints, and prints into works of creativity.  

After years of being in every sector of printing, we spotted a few gaps and decided to fulfill those for our customers. We recognized that not every order necessarily had to be of high volume & processed in a routine, conventional way. Being involved, paying attention to detail & adding a dash of imagination just brought more fun and soul to our customers’ designs and ideas. And even the impossible-looking jobs came to life as each & every member of our team shared the same belief – of truly making a difference to our clients.

That is also how we realized printing is not always about price wars. Customers do value inputs, improvisations and a good product.

We strive to strike a balance between good pricing and great quality so that we deliver good looking prints for your money’s value.

We are glad we took this route versus running after scaling up mindlessly. Today, we have lots of happy customers who consider us their collaborators and partners. And for us, we are happy to make printing the least of their worries. 

We started out with the intention of truly making a difference, and in the process, ended up finding our USP as well as crafted out a niche for ourselves!

Founder's note

My fondness for paper, design and possibilities of creating something beautiful for my customers, has kept me excited and looking forward to meeting similar minded people who are equally passionate about paper & printing.

With Printery, my studies in Graphic Designing, a degree in Business Management & 21 years of production experience have fallen into place just like a perfect, completed puzzle.

I believe, to get the best out of one’s self, one must understand a customer’s customer very well. That way, you share their vision and achieve outcomes they desire. The customer, at the end of the day, has spent hours or even days creating content/product packaging design that’s extremely crucial for their business win & need ‘that’ print – production partner, who will share the responsibility of converting those valuable ideas. That’s where we fit-in. 
I hope I can continue “to truly make a difference to our clients.” 

Our Team


Riyaz Ahmed

Founder & Managing Partner

Zafran Latif

Operations Director


Operations Manager

Our story

Dubai is a dynamic city. Where every business strives to create a lasting impression – be it a response to winning a multimillion-dollar bid/tender, pitch documents, built-in-video presentations, attention grabbing marketing collaterals or a simple presentation docket. Every imagination from printing to finishing has to be innovative & right the first time.

It is our need to truly make a difference, that has brought us where we are today.

Back then in 2014, we realized there were a limited number of quality print service providers who were equipped with the machinery and manpower to produce everything in-house. And most importantly, had the willingness to meet the demand for offbeat and niche projects. Well, we had the support of 60,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art production capacity, 200+ highly skilled technicians and an undying yearning to make the most complicated projects come to life. Thus, Printery was born.

We opened our first retail outlet in Central Park Towers – DIFC in February 2017 for our customers who had creative projects and needed a print partner to convert them to form. Since then, we had the good fortune of working with some amazing customers who gave us the opportunity to produce our best work.

In 2021 we opened our 2nd retail outlet in the Dubai Design District and in the future, wish to grow where ever it brings us close to our customers.

In the mean time we love giving our customers personal attention & a high quality output at very competitive prices. They appreciate our ability to understand & execute their nuanced requirements.

They also love the enthusiasm & professionalism we bring to every project. We in turn absolutely look forward to regular and off-beat projects.

Our expertise in design, papers and production makes us your partners – much more than just printers.


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