Exclusive Dealer of Luxury Yachts


Who: Exclusive Dealer of Luxury Yachts
Their Industry: Luxury Yachts
Their Audience: HNI in the UAE
Their Challenge: To create handover boxes which should have a floating element to resonate with the product category.                                                 

Our Solution:                                                                                                                       A Lenticular animation box creating an effect of a Yacht in motion on the water.

When we received this brief of creating something that should have a floating effect. We straightaway suggested a lenticular animation box. Having produced lenticular animation brochures & boxes previously for other clients we were pretty sure lenticular was one of the best solutions we could offer our client.

But it’s often difficult for a client to imagine an end product without knowing what we were suggesting was a workable solution keeping in mind the target audience’s profile.

Irrespective of the project we always create mock-ups for all our clients. Until the mechanism works correctly & if there are any changes to be incorporated from the client side, this is the best stage to get everything right.

Lenticular lamination brings the Yacht to life through analog movement and meticulous graphic engineering.

As much attention we gave to the box outer. We didn’t overlook the interior finish & precision. To give an elegant look we gave a balck velvet interior that would hold the Yacht keys,

Certificate & ownership documents. Overall the box complimented the high end luxury of a private yacht.

Result – we have received a lot of appreciation from the client and we continue to create the same handover boxe for the past 2 year

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