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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Paper for your Business Card.

Business cards are more than just tiny pieces of paper that carry your information. They are tactile marketing tools made to be handed out, meaning how they feel is equally as important as how they look. That is why the paper of your professional business card often influences how your brand is perceived.

In this guide, we will cover business card paper types you can choose from for a lasting impression.

What is the Best Paper for your Business Card?

For business card printing, you cannot just take any regular paper, print your design, and call it a day. Business cards use weighty paper stock, usually measured in GSM. In simple words, the higher the GSM, the thicker the paper will be.

Apart from the thickness, you also need to pick a finish, which presents more possibilities to define the look and feel of your card. Overwhelmed? Let us make it easy for you. Here are our three major business card paper types, each crafted to cater to your unique marketing needs.

Standard Business Cards that Make you Stand Out.

Set a high standard with our standard business cards in Dubai. Keep a stack at your desk to distribute to customers or spread the word by circulating at events, trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions without breaking the bank. Choose from two standard business card printing finishes:

Matte: Print out business cards in matte for a smooth, glare-free finish – just the right amount of elegance.

Gloss: Want your card all vibrant and shiny? We bet you’ll love gloss – it’s vivid, classy, and sure to catch the eye.

Our standard business cards are of 350 and 400 gsm weight, printable on both sides, and in full colour. Protect your card with a lamination coating or keep it uncoated to render it writeable.

Stay Top of Minds with Premium Business Cards.

These next-level premium quality business cards are the ones you want to use when looking to make a banging impression. Up the ante with our premium business card printing finishes:

Super Smooth: Velvety to the touch. Smooth yet tactile and luxurious in its look.

Textured: A sandy, textured feel – sure to raise intrigue and demand attention.

Give your special business cards an extra oomph with

Hot Foiling: For a stunning metallic shimmer to your logo, name, or design. Available in gold, silver, white, black, bronze, and rainbow colours.

Emboss and Deboss: Add a new depth and dimension to your card by embossing or debossing key visual elements like name and logo.

Spot Gloss: A little gloss goes a long way. Add a glossy coating to parts of your design and make them pop off.

Available in 350 & 400 gsm thickness, our premium business cards are sleek, sturdy, and substantial. You can also order premium business cards in uncoated or recycled paper.

Luxury Business Cards. Beyond Extraordinary.

Rise above the ordinary with luxury business cards – ultra-thick and non-bendable at 1000 GSM, giving your message extra weight and punch. For luxury business card printing, we combine multiple layers of paper with five colour options for the seam, resulting in a card that has remarkable haptic and aesthetic.

Get the “oohs” going:

Finishes: We print luxury business cards in uncoated super smooth or textured stock and with finishes like hot foiling, embossing, debossing, and spot gloss for that high-end look.

Die Cutting: Print your personalised business card in the shape of your choice to make it truly yours.

Business Card Printing 101

No time to scroll through? Here’s a gist of everything you would like to know.

What business card paper weights are available?

We offer a variety of paper weights for our business card printing services. Standard business cards commonly start at 350 GSM, while luxe business cards go up to a whopping 1000 GSM.

How do I choose the right paper type for my business card?

It depends on your brand, audience, budget, the card’s purpose, and the impression you wish to make. If your cards are to be distributed en masse, you will find standard business cards more cost-effective. But if you want that first impression to count, choose premium or luxury business cards to stand out.

What types of finishes and coatings are available?

You can choose matte or gloss papers with or without lamination coating or pick an uncoated super smooth or textured stock. Take things to the next level with finishes like hot foiling, embossing, debossing, spot gloss, and die-cutting.

What type of business card paper is suitable for photographs?

Use paper stock with a glossy finish for a business card with photos. Gloss business cards have a luxurious sheen and highlight colours in an alluring way.

What is the most durable business card paper?

We use super-thick and unbendable 1000 GSM cardstock for luxury business card printing, making it the most durable and impressive of our business card paper types.

Can I print my design on any business card paper?

Yes, absolutely. With Printery, you can create personalised business cards with your design on any of our papers.

What is the best font size for a business card?

When designing a business card, we understand you may be confused about font sizes and how they may look on print, especially when it comes to finishes. Check our blog on Picking the Perfect Font Size for Business Cards for some brilliant advice.

Ready, Print, Go!

Choosing the right paper stock and finish adds to the overall brand experience you want people to have when they hold your business card in hand.

That said, if you are still in a dilemma about the paper choices, Printery is just a holler away. With our business card printing in Dubai, we will assist you throughout the entire business card print process– bringing your dream and design to life.

Design your perfect business card and head to Printery!


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