Spiral Binding

Spiral Binding

Spiral Binding 101: A Guide to Everyone’s Favourite Binding Technique

When printing a report or a booklet, you will eventually have to decide what kind of binding you want to use. Binding is an essential part of the designing process as it has an invariable impact on the overall presentation. It lends a sophisticated look to your project, turning a disorderly pile of paper into a neatly organized document.

Among the many binding techniques available, Spiral Binding is one of the most popular choices. But what makes it so appealing? Let’s find out more about Spiral Binding and the advantages it can offer for your next project.

What is Spiral Binding?

Want to lend a professional and classy feel to your presentation? Planning to hand out copies of a report to colleagues during that annual meeting? In that case, spiral binding would be perfect for you!

Spiral Binding is a cost-effective way to bind your printed pages together and make your document look sleek and refined. It’s a binding method most of us love and are familiar with since our school or college days.

The spiral bind utilises a spring-shaped wire coil made of metal. This coil closely resembles an old telephone cord. Once the pages that need binding are punched through and correctly aligned, the coil is inserted and twisted through the evenly-spaced holes. This process is done either by hand or by an automated coil inserter. Finally, it is crimped at both ends to keep the papers in place.

Sometimes, documents are bound with an additional clear or colourful plastic sheet at the front and a black cover at the back. These sheets don’t just offer protection from dirt and stains but also give it a finished look.

How is Spiral Binding different from Wiro Binding?

Though Spiral and Wiro Binding may seem quite similar, there are some clear-cut differences you should know.

Cost: The wiro binding method costs more than the spiral one.

Editability: Pages cannot be added or removed in wiro-bound books. To do so, the metal wire will have to be broken. On the contrary, spiral binding is removable, and the wire can also be re-used.

Durability: The wire used in Wiro binding may bend or break under pressure. Spiral binding is more resilient and does not break easily.

What are the Advantages of Spiral Binding?

#1: Pages can open a full 360 degrees: Spiral binding allows for convenient 360-degree rotation of its pages. With the lack of spinal tension, the pages rotate around the wire loops with very little resistance, letting you flip through the journal or wall calendar easily.

#2: Pages turn effortlessly and stay put: With spiral binding, books can fold completely in half yet remain open flat on a desk for easy reference. You don’t have to keep holding it open to read the contents, making it more convenient for note-taking, referencing, wall-hanging, and photocopying.

#3: Colour and Size Customisations: Spiral binding can accommodate books of various sizes and page counts. The coil is also available in a range of colours, such as gold, silver, white, and black. You can match it with your brand colour palette for better visual consistency.

#4: Sturdy & Affordable: Using a double-loop of metal wire, which is then spiralled, we create a sturdy and durable binding to hold your printed project together. It’s also quite budget-friendly!

#5: Modern & Stylish: Spiral binding adds finesse to the document – something that a pair of staples or paper clips cannot. Spruce up your reports and sales presentation with our colourful spiral bookbinding in black, white, silver, and gold.

Common Uses of Spiral Binding:

Ideally used to bind 2 – 150 sheets of 100 gsm paper, Spiral Binding is an excellent choice for proposals, directories, cookbooks, catalogues, trade show material, merchandising guides, and maintenance manuals.

Made from durable metal, we use spiral coils in a variety of sizes to accommodate printed material of varying thickness, be it handouts, booklets, courseware, atlases, or travel guides. You can also choose this for notebooks, music books, instructional books, and journals. It is a faster and easier solution for low-volume printing.

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