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Who: Serco
Their Industry: Contractor for government services
Their Audience: C – Level Executives
Their Challenge: Produce a premium box which accommodated Traditional and Modern sweets.

Our Solution:                                                                                                                        50th National day

Gift to Clients (C – Level executives) with a personal note from the CEO of the company

Richard had a concept of presenting 2 generations (Past & present) together in a box as a giveaway to there clients for 50 th National day celebration. The idea was beautiful to represent the time gap with chocolates used in both era (current & past).

Brief was to work on 2 types special and standard boxes

Special was to be fabricated with acrylic & standard with board and paper…..

Cover graphic was….

The box was supposed to have a brochure, personalised letter, & 2 separate sections to hold Chocolates.

With a Personalised envelope

It’s Printery’s practice to make a few mockups before we make a final decision on the size substrate & finish because everything does not go with everything….

So we did make both the samples as per the brief…. Both were equally good. However, it turned out that the tactile finish on top of the board box was more premier / elegant than the acrylic with flat finish.

We were supposed to do a blind deboss of the graphic on top of the box but we went to print silver & gold with tactile debosses which were not there in the original brief.At printery we make the experience more user friendly by understanding the requirement and giving suggestions to enhance the look and feel of the desired product.

As soon as you open the box and you lift the personalized letter you see a poem which was printed on a transparent plastic sheet.

When we did the initial run the sheets were getting creased it was spoiling the complete look and feel….. We solved the problem by changing the substrate to thicker GSM and a small pasting technique….

From the transparent sheet you see the chocolates trays with lid with 2 different patters they were gold printed on tactile paper…

Both the trays could be pulled out with the help of ribbon conventional from the left & modern form the right.

Along the way we tweaked a lot of things not only with print but also design to make it functional and look better.

The box was received so well that the qty was increased from 30 to 75.

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