PUR Binding

PUR Binding: A Better Than ‘Perfect’ Way to Bind your Book!

There are many binding techniques available – each offering distinct advantages and suited for different purposes. Since the method you choose will determine the durability and presentation of your print, you obviously want the technique that works best for you.

If you’re looking for a softcover print that can rest comfortably on a bookshelf, PUR Binding might be the perfect technique for you.

What is PUR Binding?

Some projects are simple documents. And some are masterpieces that deserve a special place on the shelf with their glorious printed spines on display. For such legacy projects that must stand the test of time, PUR Binding is an attractive choice.

PUR Binding is a softcover bookbinding technique that uses a premium adhesive called Polyurethane Reactive (PUR), which is the strongest available binding glue. PUR continues to gain popularity over the years and is favoured by publishers, print production companies, and bookbinders alike.

PUR Binding is similar to Perfect Binding and is more like its superior variant. It differs from the latter with respect to the glue used. Perfect Binding uses Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), while PUR Binding uses Polyurethane Reactive adhesive. The PUR glue offers greater adhesion, durability, and flexibility than its traditional counterpart.

During the binding process, the pages are piled together to form a block. A thin layer of PUR adhesive is applied to the spine, and a cover is folded around the block, gluing to the adhesives on the spine. It takes approximately 24 hours to dry. Once the glue is cured, the three open sides get trimmed to create a neat and finished look.

PUR binding looks incredibly professional and is sure to enhance the presentation of your project.

Advantages of PUR Binding

Strength: PUR has a remarkably high binding strength. Moreover, it also offers better resistance to page pull-outs – almost 50% more than EVA glue. With PUR, you won’t have to worry about fractured spines or pages coming loose.

Durability: PUR provides more durability than other adhesives. It remains durable and strong with time while other glues begin to lose strength. This kind of endurance is essential if you want to keep your bound project preserved for a long period.

Temperature Resistance: The structural integrity of PUR is unaffected by extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – thus increasing its durability.

Lies Flat: PUR Binding allows the book to lie flat against a surface when opened, making it convenient for reading, researching, and adding annotations.

Flexible: The superior flexibility of PUR bookbinding gives the spine a crisp appearance and prevents cracking if the book is opened wide or pressed down.

Versatile: PUR bookbinding works with any paper stock and finish. It adheres to ink, varnishes, spot UV coatings, coated stock, mylar, digital toners, and recycled paper.

Printed Spine: You can also print on the spine. You can include the title, author name, designs, and any other content or visuals you want.

Common Uses of PUR Binding:

PUR Bookbinding is generally recommended for books that have a large page count than usual and need to be kept intact for a long time.

It is ideal for novels, storybooks, educational books, research material, graphic novels, cooking books, music sheet volumes, how-to guides, magazines, catalogues, etc.

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