Multinational Advertising & PR Agency

Who: Multinational Advertising & PR Agency
Their Industry: Advertising
Their Audience: Cosmetic Industry Influencers
Their Challenge: Producing tube shaped meter long boxes replicating the product packaging.

Our Solution: Printery is grateful to all those amazing customers who present us with crackerjack ideas for execution. We are no experts but we are absolutely thrilled to work on offbeat & niche projects.

So with great enthusiasm we have collaborated on several projects with this highly creative agency. But the project in discussion was also our first job which now seems more like a creative aptitude test conducted by our client :)). In all seriousness the assignment was to create a meter long influencer box in the shape of a cream tube that would hold upto 12 products.

The challenge was not just the size and shape but to accommodate a range of 12 products of 3 different sizes & shapes while retaining the overall dimension of the tube proportionately & aesthetically.

Printery started working on a mock-up – We tried different thickness of the board to test the rigidity to withstand the weight without bending or being wibbly wobbly. So we finally settled for a 2000 gsm kappa board.

Next we had to come close to the color and texture of the product packaging. Once again we could achieve 95% close colour with clear ink on our latest digital printing machine which also runs a sheet size of 33 x 100 cm. We could keep the cost of producing a 100 boxes tight within the budget without compromising on the quality.

Finally after a few mockups & adjustments we were able to complete the box with 14 die cuts, 5 sets of printing 14 die lines and die cut on foam and the final fabrication all done and delivered successfully within 2 weeks.

Test passed with flying colours !

Result: 150 creative influencer box delivered and well received by the client.

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