Loop Stitch Binding

Loop Stitch Binding: Why You Should Consider It For Your Next Project

When you’re thinking of the right binding method for your project, Loop Stitch Binding might not be the first or even among the top 3 choices that you might be considering. Truth be told, it is a relatively lesser-known technique. Yet, at the same time, it is a solid option as it provides a professional and seamless look with various aesthetic and practical advantages.

What exactly is Loop Stitch Binding? Why is it a good choice for you? Read on to find out more.

What is Loop Stitch Binding?

Loop Stitch Binding, also known as Loop Staple Binding, is a unique and economical binding technique. To put it across, it is essentially a variant of the much more common and highly popular saddle stitch binding technique.

Just like saddle stitching, loop stitch binding uses two or three long wire staples that are attached along the booklet’s fold. However, instead of lying flat, these staples extend ever-so-slightly beyond the spine to form a loop on the outside of the binding edge. This makes it easy for your document to be inserted into a binder, hung like a calendar, or displayed in any way you prefer.

Loop Stitch Binding requires number of pages divisible by four. It is perfect for 8 – 52 sheets of 100 gsm paper.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Loop Stitch Binding

  • Professional & Functional: Loop Stitch Binding exudes a professional feel while providing greater functionality. You can conveniently organize multiple loop-stitched booklets into a ring binder, making collection and referencing easier.
  • No Need to Punch Holes: You can avoid drilling holes in the document usually required for putting in a ring binder. This prevents the loss of text or images that occurs while punching holes, leaving you with uninterrupted graphics and a sophisticated finish.
  • Easier to Flip Pages: Books turn more smoothly when it is loop stitched and inserted in a ring binder. The friction is minimal, making it easy to flip through pages as well as booklets.
  • Opens and Lies Flat: It keeps your organizational content flat when opened and lets you easily review or shuffle through documents in a loose-leaf binder. You can also opt for full-spread images and graphics with this method.
  • Fast Turnaround: Loop Stitch Binding is an excellent choice for quick and easy production runs. You can get your books bound and delivered in as little as a day.

Common Uses of Loop Stitch Binding:

The Loop Stitch Binding method is apt for booklets, brochures, guides, handouts, manuals, presentations, reports, RFP responses, sell sheets, and newsletters.

It’s also a popular choice for bundle reports, training material, workbooks, notebooks, and other mid-sized documents that need to be inserted efficiently into ring binders.

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