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The Ultimate Print Checklist for Successful Event Marketing.

Corporate events like trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions are making a comeback as Covid-19 restrictions ease in Dubai and around the world. If you are a marketing manager of a company, preparing for any such expo requires a great deal of planning, time, and patience. And to make your exhibit stand out, you must ensure that everything necessary – including event print collateral – is ready.

With customised printing services in Dubai, you can create marketing collateral that cuts through the noise and gives you an edge. Here is a quick print checklist to ensure that your next event is a success:

Roll-up and Pop-up Banners:

Roll-up and pop-up banners are a trade show must-have. They are dynamic, visually attractive, and helpful in grabbing attention. Another benefit is that they are easy to store and reuse. Retract them, clip them in place, and keep them. The storage method protects against dust, harmful light, and creasing, increasing the banner’s lifespan.

A standard roll-up banner is 85×200 cm in size. For a larger display, you can print a 150×200 cm banner. Pop-up banners come in 3×2 and 4×2 dimensions. Design according to the banner size, or you risk cutting off the visual and text or white borders at the top and bottom.

Business Cards:

Business cards are indispensable to your networking arsenal and carry all the vital information about your company. Make sure you have as many cards as possible handy during an event. With business card printing in Dubai for mass distribution, the best option is 350gsm art matte or gloss. Standard business cards are cost-effective and available at a quick turnaround. You can keep a stack of premium or luxury business cards with eye-catchy finishes for special visitors.

Brochures and Flyers:

Brochures and flyers can be easily handed out to people, and they introduce prospects to your company and showcase your products. Design your brochures in advance to reserve time for proofreading and image correction. Work with a reliable printing press in Dubai and choose the right paper and binding options. For special finishes such as foiling, factor in production time and place your order early.

Branded Lanyards:

Are you sponsoring an event or holding a conference, convention, or exhibition? Get lanyards branded with the company logo/name for participants. Lanyards are cost-effective, provide high exposure, and will be taken home by participants. Standard lanyards are 36” in length with widths ranging from 3/8th” to 1”. You can choose from nylon, polyester, satin, or PET material.

Lanyards come in breakaway and non-breakaway styles. Breakaway lanyards are safer as they break open if the lanyard is caught on something or grabbed/pulled by someone, preventing injury. You can also choose how your ID card attaches to your lanyard, with options like classic hooks, swivel hooks, bulldog clips, etc.

Branded Paper Bags:

Keep branded shopping bags made with durable paper at your exhibit. Bags can be used to give away product samples, brochures, or freebies. Design an aesthetically pleasing bag that people will love to reuse. Make sure you order the print well in advance. Choose the handle type keeping the weight of your offering in mind. Increase the spine width and height to improve the carrying capacity.


Notepads are convenient for taking notes, customer details, or other vital information. Want to share your address? Make the pages easy to tear. Print and carry notepads branded with your logo to keep your brand in focus. The common size for notepads is A5 with 100 gsm woodfree paper, but you can get creative depending on your needs.

Tent Cards with QR Codes:

Offer a seamless offline-to-online transition with QR Code Integration on your exhibit. Display QR Codes on Tent Cards to engage customers. You can print QR codes to link people to your website, build followers on social media, direct them to your product catalogue, play a demo video, request feedback, provide contact information, offer a coupon, and more.

Giveaways and Promotional Items:

Reward attendees with branded swag that will remind them of you and boost your brand recall. It includes promotional items like branded pens, notebooks, mugs, water bottles, T-shirts, keychains, coasters, magnets, tote bags, stickers, fridge magnets, and more. These are all items that attendees will keep around for long after the event, promoting your business every time they are in use.

Get Print Ready for your Next Event!

Events and exhibitions are an effective way to put your brand out there. But you must plan your event marketing strategy and get your prints in place long before the event.

Nail your networking at the next event with Printery, an experienced printing company in Dubai. Whether you need business cards, brochures, stickers, tent cards, or paper bags, Printery can help meet all your marketing collateral needs. Get in touch with us and experience top-class printing services to prepare for your next event.

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