Custom Envelopes

How do I make Custom Envelopes?

Email and instant messaging platforms form our primary mediums of daily conversation today. Despite that, receiving physical mail at our doorsteps still carries that exciting and fresh feel.

Envelopes are crucial to any kind of correspondence via mail, whether it is an invite to an event, a postcard, or any business communication. And since you are already going through the effort of sending out mail, why not personalise the envelopes to make a strong impression?

Wondering about the easiest way to customise your envelopes with designs? Here’s how you can make your own envelopes and print them out in style.

What are Custom Envelopes?

Custom envelopes might not be the first thing on your mind (or maybe even among the first ten). But with envelopes playing a role in just about every message delivery through the mail, you cannot underestimate the impact they can have. People often ask us, “can you mail envelopes with designs? Is it feasible?” Yes, you can, and it is pretty cost-effective. It also influences how your communication is perceived.

A custom envelope can have a company logo, name, and address. Or it can be much more and feature different sizes, colours, designs, and finishings to make it truly stand out. They lend a clean and professional look to communication. And by mailing envelopes with designs for personal or business correspondence, you can bring your unique personality to each message.

Beyond the aesthetics of it, there are many reasons to opt for custom envelopes. Here are some:

  • They set your brand and your message apart in a pile of plain covers.
  • They work as an exceptional and cost-effective marketing tool.
  • They bring a personal touch to your mails.
  • They make your branding look more consistent.
  • They help improve your open rates.

How to Make Custom Envelopes:

To design your envelope, you need to figure out two things:

  1. Purpose of your envelope.

First and foremost, decide the intention of your envelope. Is it for your brand stationery? Are you sending wedding or party invites? Or are you sending out a small but somewhat-fragile order or gift?

  1. Type of Envelope.

There are many types of envelopes to choose from. You can go with a regular print, a commercial envelope with a square or policy flap, a CD envelope, a wallet envelope, long or broad pocket envelopes, or even padded envelopes with designs for extra security.

Ways to Design Custom Envelopes:

Creating a custom envelope is not as hard as it looks, even if you lack skills in graphic design. You can take advantage of the many tools and templates available to make your custom envelopes with designs.

  • Envelope Tool (MS Word).

You may already be familiar with MS Word, but do you know it also has a nifty envelope tool?

Go to the Envelope option in the Mailings tab on the toolbar. Set your envelope size, type in the necessary information, and add it to your document. Next, insert your business logo from the ‘Insert’ tab, scale to size, and your work is done. You can also experiment with colours, fonts, borders, etc.

  • Envelope Templates.

You can create custom mailing envelopes with designs using premade templates on MS Word, Adobe Express, or Canva. There is a vast database of professionally-designed templates you can explore. Pick the one that catches your eye, customise it with your information and logo in desirable fonts and colours, and send it to print!

  • Make it from scratch.

Want to put your graphic design skills to work instead of relying on generic templates? You can create envelope designs from scratch using software like Photoshop, Adobe Express, Canva, etc.

Get Printing!

Once you have created your custom envelopes, you need to work with a reliable printing company that knows what they are doing. And at Printery, our team has years of experience providing custom envelope printing for every need and occasion.

How do you decorate an envelope?

We can help you realise your envelope design ideas onto paper. You can print envelopes in full colour on a decent 120 gsm stock or 150 gsm for a luxury feel.

Go with a standard size or pick a different one like A4, A5, DL, C5, C4, C3, Square, etc. When sending an invite or a thank-you note in your envelope, use a special textured paper, or add a coating to give it a shine. We also provide metallic embellishments and foiling for a glitzy look. With our variable data printing services, you can also choose to preprint the addresses of the recipients on the envelopes.

Final Words

If you have been neglecting custom envelopes, this is your sign to include them in your business stationery arsenal. They can change your branding game and make your communication more impactful.

Are you feeling stuck? Talk to our team for envelope design ideas and inspirations.

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