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Who: Cherry On Top
Their Industry: Event Planning & Design Boutique
Their Audience: MAC cosmetic
Their Challenge: Needed to create a pop-up flower box for the launch of MAC’s new make-up collection.

Our Solution:
This one is our favourite project. And we can go on about how the whole thing shaped up into one of the best influencer mailer boxes produced. But to keep it short & sweet this is how it happened.

It wasn’t the first time we were working with our regular client Cherry On Top. They are one fantastic creative team to work with as they are always open to suggestions & tweaks if the production demands.

The brief was to create a cherry blossom flower pop-up box for MAC cosmetics. We started withthe  fabrication based on the original design which had 3 flowers. After the first mock-up we realized it didn’t look impressive at all. We identified 2 problems. First, the 3 flowers were single
layer so they looked flat & the second box size was 35x 31 cm which was a little too big for the pop-up. Unless we covered the entire box top with flowers it wouldn’t look good.

One option was to create multiple single layer flowers of various sizes but it was too much work to ensure each flower would open up fully. Another option was to create flowers with layers , pasted one top of each other to ensure the formation of each flower looked full with petals and upon opening it covered the entire box top. We decided to go ahead.

For the final production we printed pink cherry blossoms with gold & silver for stalks. Die-cut and pasted 5000 flowers to create the most beautiful flower pop-up.

Result – The box was highly appreciated & well received and we produced boxes for the MENA

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