Case Binding

Introducing Case Binding: The Book Lovers’ All-Time Favourite!

When you’re out there to print your book, deciding what binding method you should use is one of the most crucial decisions you will make. For all intents and purposes, binding techniques influence presentation and reader experience.

If you want to give your project a high-end, premium feel and seek a binding option that also shows remarkable resilience to the test of time, case binding might be your best bet. Let’s learn how this technique could be the right solution for you.

What is Case Binding?

Case Binding is a traditional yet popular bookbinding method that you may already be familiar with. Also known as Hardcase or Hardback Binding, it’s coveted by bibliophiles everywhere and is commonly used to create hardcover books.

Case Binding is one of the sturdiest and most durable binding techniques. Though time-consuming and expensive, it lends a touch of class and prestige to printed books, giving them a timeless appeal and a high market value.

The Case Binding Process

In the Case Binding method, the printed sheets of the book are collated and arranged in the correct order. These pages are then sewn together along the fold using a thread to form a block. This step is known as thread sewing. After that, a thin piece of fabric is glued to the spine area to complete the book block.

Another way to secure the pages together for your case-bound book is through PUR Binding. It uses PUR (Polyurethane Reactive), one of the strongest adhesives in the binding industry. The pages are piled together into a block and glued at the spine.

Once the pages are sewn or glued together, the next part involves adding a case, which also includes plain or printed endpapers. A hardboard case is wrapped around the block and attached with glue with the endpapers, giving your book a premium look. Later comes a range of finishing add-ons to make it truly personalised.

What Makes Case Binding So Appealing?

Superior Look and Feel:

Case Binding is best suited for projects that require a high-quality finish and a premium look and feel. It’s classy, top-grade, and an impressive display on your bookshelf.

Cover Customizations:

You can customize your product by choosing binding boards in a wide range of thicknesses and your end sheets in various paper stocks and colours. You get a diverse choice of cover materials, including leatherette (PU), fabric, or laminated paper, in your colours of choice. A printed dust jacket with customized cover art can also be added to your book.

Durability & Strength:

Case Binding is the most resilient of all binding techniques. It uses PUR glue, a highly durable adhesive, to attach the pages together. The hardboard cover is also more resistant to wear and tear and keeps the pages protected. If you need a hardcover book that will last for years, perhaps even a lifetime, case binding is perfect for you.

Easy Display & Referencing:

A Case-bound book offers a flat and printable spine. It also has lie-flat qualities that make it easier to reference and take notes. The firm structure of the book also allows it to be displayed proudly on the shelf with a visible spine.

A Gamut of Finishing Options:

Another feature that makes case binding a highly sought-out option is the plethora of decorative and finishing options it offers. You can use foil stamping, debossing, or embossing on the cover and spine, which make your case-bound book look classy and professional.

Additionally, you can use decorative options like marbling, gilding, staining, die-cutting, round cornering, or faux metal edges to enhance the look. You can also attach head and tail bands or ribbon markers.

Common Uses of Case Binding:

This binding method is a fantastic choice for publications that need a long shelf life and can withstand heavy usage. They usually include textbooks and reference books, coffee table books, directories, biographies, non-fiction books, journals, novels, recipe books, registers, yearbooks, artbooks, dictionaries, etc.

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