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Our Business Holiday Checklist to get you Print Ready for the Festivities!

Here are some festive product ideas to make this holiday season extra joyous!

When a particular Mariah Carey classic makes its comeback to your daily radio and Spotify charts, you can be sure of one thing: It’s time!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and as a business, it is a great time to show employees, clients, and associates how much you appreciate and value them. At the same time, it is a chance to make sure your brand remains at the top of everyone’s minds as they step into the new year.

Here is a checklist of Christmas print essentials for your business to help you spread the festive cheer!

Gifts Galore

Who doesn’t love receiving a surprise in the mail? Bring smiles to the faces of your customers, clients, and employees with some tokens of gratitude.

  • Christmas Greeting Cards / Postcards:

Drop a beautifully-designed festive greeting in their mailbox, perhaps along with a gift or an order, to show them you care. Add your branding and a personalised note, and give the postcard a festive flair with textured paper, luxurious finishing, and fancy customisations.

  • Custom Envelopes:

Go the extra mile and get a branded envelope for your greeting card. With Printery, you can get bespoke envelopes for your brand with limitless creative options.

  • Festive Stickers:

Complete the festive experience with decorative stickers to seal the envelopes. Get them in round or rectangular shapes and tailor them with branding or designs of your choice.

  • Gift Boxes:

Already have some new year gift ideas in mind? Pack them in our bespoke corporate gift boxes. Get creative with box layouts, closures, display options, and more. Grab our food-grade gift boxes to send some delicious chocolates or sweets their way.

Presents in Paper:

End the year with festive gifts that will keep on giving. Get personalised products for your team to boost their productivity in 2023 and beyond.

  • Personalised Journals:

Journals are the perfect work and life companions. They become a storehouse of ideas, thoughts, strategies, and the like. Customise it in your brand colours, print your logo, choose a binding option, and maybe even add a sticker with the names of your team members to make it more heartfelt!

  • Photobooks:

Celebrate your team’s special moments and biggest achievements with a stunning photobook. This little keepsake will give them a sense of belonging and strengthen bonds for the coming year.

  • Desktop Calendars:

Welcome 2023 as a team with custom calendars that brighten up your desks and give your workspace a tad more personality. It’s also a great way to keep your brand front and centre as your team members work, eat, and celebrate.

  • Sticker Books:

Sticker books are a fun way to engage your team as they plan their calendars or journal their goals. With some creative designs, you will spread more joy and colour at work. And if you are stuck, get in touch with our design team for inspiration.

Party Delights:

Get party ready with Printery. From printing invites to games, we’ve got you covered.

  • Invitations:

Build up the excitement for the party with some themed invites. Be sure to include all the details, such as venue, date, time, and dress code. Have some party games planned? Give a teaser of what’s to come on the invite.

  • Table Tent Cards:

Set the conversation rolling with custom tent cards. Write a ‘thank you’ to employees, list the party menu, pop the details about any party games lined up, or keep them as festive table décor.

  • Certificates:

Have a fun End-of-the-Year awards ceremony at your party with some amusing certificates. Go with Santa’s “naughty list” and “nice list” certificates or whip up your own titles like ‘Office Jester’, ‘Always Late’, ‘Runway Dressed’, ‘Superglued-to-Phone’, ‘Walking Wiki’, and more to hand out to employees.

  • Party Games:

Make sure there is not a single dull moment at your party. Get custom game cards printed for a round of holiday raffle or some Xmas bingo. And if you’ve got the time and space, send your employees off on a mini treasure hunt with riddle cards hidden all over. 

We know there is a lot on your plate during the festive season. Take some deep breaths, and let Printery do some of the heavy lifting with our Christmas print essentials.

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