Interior Designing Company

Their Industry: Interior Designer
Their Audience: Advertising Agency
Their Challenge: New age design for office interior

Our Solution:
Attractive and eye catching portfolio Impressing the best in their league can be a difficult task. We had a similar experience while creating a portfolio & it’s packaging for BASH who is one of the best interior designers in the industry.

Although printing & packaging bids, proposals, pitch books & portfolios have been our forte. Sometimes one does fall into a trap of repetition of ideas, colours schemes etc.

When BASH approached us to print & package his portfolio for a business pitch. We suggested a video brochure box with a printed copy of his portfolio.The idea was immediately approved. But knowing the client’s client is a very important aspect in production of any bid or pitch document. Ultimately they are the ones to be impressed.

BASH’s client happened to be an advertising company. And the Central Idea was to highlight BASH’s futuristic design and expertise in creating quintessential tech savvy, digital age working space.

Therefore, nothing usual or subtle if used would communicate a strong visual impact. The suggestion of papers came from the client. And we agreed but with a bit of reluctance in the beginning but were completely awed by the outcome. That’s what good designers are all about.

Coming back to paper. The 2 contrasting fluorescent papers used were lime green + electricblue to create a dynamic look.. Vivid fluorescent colours straightaway did the job of grabbing attention & radiating light. To add interactivity to the otherwise minimalist paper box was a high-tech video that played as soon as the box opened. All in all in its entirety the box did look like a gadget for the lack of better word.

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